In an earlier draft of the script, the final scene of Phobos and Deimos took place in Khemani Square. That was why I spent so much time establishing it as a location in chapter two. I’ve since found a better location for events to unfold in for the final draft. So it’s nice to be able to use this setting as a backdrop for the end of Volume 1, at least.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Narrator: "Khemani Square." The square is full of a large crowd of people gathered together at one end, some of whom have banners and signs. The middle of the square has a large statue.
Panel 2: Maida moves through the crowd with her screen in her hands.
Panel 3: She comes across three of the revolutionaries from Hansa's coffee shop, standing on boxes. One has her hands over her ears, the next has her hands over her mouth, and the third has his hands over his eyes. Each one has a holographic banner above their heads, but the writing is incomprehensible.
Panel 4: Maida puts her glasses on. Maida: "I don't get it."
Panel 5: A random girl overhears her and responds. Malagasy girl: "Overlay the map from this time yesterday." Maida: "Huh?"