It was fun coming up with costumes for Tahmaseb and Hansa. Tahmaseb’s is the laziest costume in the world.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida finds Tahmaseb and Hansa. Hansa is wearing all black, like a vaisya-sudra. There are holographic explosions hovering in the air. Maida: "There you are." Hansa: "Dada! Jambo!" Maida: "Hiya, Hansa."
Panel 2: Hansa: "How's your mama?" Tahmaseb, cheerfully: "You're late, but I'm glad you're here." Maida: "I know I'm late. I had work. Can we go somewhere and talk?"
Panel 3: Tahmaseb and Hansa act out the pose they were holding, of an F-class person and vee-ess in a fist fight with the explosions in between. Tahmaseb: "Maida, I'm part of the exhibit right now. I fought we agreed relationship stuff can take a back seat." Maida: "I never agreed to that!"
Panel 4: Hansa, throwing her hands up: "Woah, okay. Tahm, you need to go talk to your girlfriend. My acting chops can hold things together solo for a while."
Panel 5: Tahmaseb and Maida walk away together through the crowd. Tahmaseb: "Alright. What is it? Is it relationship stuff?" Maida: "No!"
Panel 6: Maida: "I need to take a step back from this revolution for a bit, alright? I need to worry about my family now that my mum is here."
Panel 7: Maida: "I'm supposed to be turning myself into a shidafu, right? Being so active in this group puts all of that at risk." Tahmaseb: "And you don't fink the risk is worf it, to live in a free society."