“Sin sheets?” You mean keeping online records of every social indiscretion a person commits so you can throw it back at them whenever it will most make you feel like the superior person? That’s pure science fiction.

“Farang” is the Thai word for any non-Thai-looking foreigner. That’s not what Toya means here, though. Wait another chapter to find out more.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Toya, putting her sunglasses on: "I'm gonna look up his sin sheet!" Zaynab: "WHAT?!"
Panel 2: Toya: "People wiff birds always have their sin sheets right where you can find them." Zaynab: "Toya, he's gonna see you, isn't he!" Safia: "Stop it!"
Panel 3: Toya, looking through the man's records via hologram (that only she can see, thanks to her glasses): "Here we go. Simon Recife. He's a farang."
Panel 4: Toya: "Disrespecting aufority... disobeying curfew... na na na... Aiya! Get this. He stole tools from his work, and then he punched his boss in the face when he got caught!"
Panel 5: Toya: "Are you lot seeing this?" Zaynab: "Toya, please!" Maida: "He's looking at us."
Panel 6: Simon, turning to look at the girls across the street: "Oi!" Maria: "Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh." Safia: "Toya! Come on!" Toya: "Gonna be hard to hit his boss again now he's unemployed, innit!" Zaynab: "Toya!"
Panel 7: Simon, coming towards them: "What dya fink you're doing?" Toya: "Looking up your sin sheet, obviously, Simon."