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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Tahmaseb: "That's destruction of my personal property!" Maida: "Tahm! Stop it!"
Panel 2: The cop whips out a gun that looks like a taser. Officer Wong: "Resisting arrest! You're done."
Panel 3: He's pointing the gun at both of them. Maida is increasingly distraught. Tahmaseb: "Are you arresting us now? Is that what we're doing?" Maida: "Tahm! Angels and demons! Just do what he says!" Officer Wong: "On the ground! Drop the bag!"
Panel 4: Officer Wong: "Face down!" He reaches for something behind his back. Tahmaseb and Maida slowly lower themselves to the ground. Maida is crying.
Panel 5: Maida is face down on the ground with her hands on the back of her heard. Tahmaseb is still taking his time to get there. Tahmaseb: "This is against the civil code. What you're doing is illegal." Officer Wong: "Quiet!"
Panel 6: The bird on the cop's shoulder finally speaks up. Bird: "Caution! These actions exceed your mandate in this circumstance." Officer Wong: "What?!"