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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Officer Wong: "These two are guilty of sedition! And spreading propaganda, and resisting." Bird: "Officer Wong."
Panel 2: Bird: "Their actions have bin recorded and added to their sin sheets. At this time the code only requires you to confiscate the propaganda and issue a stern warning."
Panel 3: The cop puts his gun away. Officer Wong: "Bloody buzzard. I can't believe you."
Panel 4: He picks up Tahmaseb's bag.
Panel 5: Officer Wong, threateningly: "You heard the bird. You two bloody better watch it. Those marks on your sin sheets are permanent."
Panel 6: The cop walks away. Bird: "The Justice Bloc fanks you for your service, Officer." Officer Wong: "Bloody bot." Tamaseb and Maida start getting up.
Panel 7: Maida is shaking. Tahmaseb tries to reassure her. Tahmaseb: "Wow. That was a bit frightening, innit! Don't worry, though. I know the law."