Aren’t we all, at the end of the day, juxtaposing images?

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Tahmaseb: "Noffing. It's an art project, innit?"
Panel 2: Officer Wong: "Oh, an art project, is it? Are you students here?"
Panel 3: Tahmaseb: "They're image sets. Memes." Maida is practically standing behind him, defensively.
Panel 4: Office Wong: "Oh, image sets! Fancy that!" He clicks on the device and a grid of holographic images appears, each one with a set of two. Officer Wong: "Look, this one is the shidafu ombuds next to some old war leader. This one is Sonder Khemani next to a dog! And then one of our peace officers next to the grim reaper!"
Panel 5: He snaps the device into pieces in his hand. Officer Wong: "That's seditious, that is! I ought to have you in for propaganda! Do you know what they do to you for propaganda?"
Panel 6: Tahmaseb: "It's not propaganda, it's art. I'm just juxtaposing images."
Panel 7: Officer Wong: "Don't talk back to me, punk." He snaps the bag that Tahmaseb has been holding out of his hands. Tahmaseb: "Oi!"