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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida: "Did you know he wanted to be a shidafu?" Tahmaseb: "I had no idea! And I've known him for free years! He's the one who introduced me to Rivkah!"
Panel 2: Tahmaseb, shrugging: "I guess he's a lot better at keeping secrets than he lets on!"
Panel 3: Maida and Tahmaseb split up and start talking to people on the university grounds.
Panel 4: Tahmaseb is offering something that looks like a USB stick to a student with a big coat and curly hair When Maida comes up to him and tugs on his jacket. Tahmaseb: "...Just check it out, yeh? See what you fink." The student doesn't seem interested. A cop is approaching them from a distance. Maida: "Tahmaseb... Tahmaseb!"
Panel 5: The cop gets closer. He's dressed in full body armour, all black with a big white square on his chest, like a cross between a riot cop and a medieval Chinese warrior. He has a black and white bird sitting on one shoulder. Maida and Tahmaseb stay close together. Officer Wong: "Oi! You two! I need to talk to you."
Panel 6: The cop holds up a USB stick. Officer Wong: "What exactly are you doing wiff these?"