Aiya (origin: Chinese): an expression of surprise or frustration.

The bird is a robot, if that’s not obvious. I haven’t come up with an official name for these birds, but I feel like most people call them by slang terms anyways.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Toya, turning back to shout at the other girls: "I could kill the lot of you in one round, but Apocalypse Ant is too rubbish a game to..."
Panel 2: Toya notices something across the street.
Panel 3: Toya, with an evil smile: "Aiya."
Panel 4: Toya, sliding back over to the Muslima: "Check it out, girls! That man has a bird!"
Panel 4: Across the street is a bearded man in a pink hat and second-hand jacket with a crow on his shoulder that is half white on one side. He is talking to another man in a broad black hat and even beardier beard. Maida: "I've seen those. What are they? It is like an agent?" Zaynab: "Not quite."
Panel 5: The two men continue to talk, unaware they are being watched.
Panel 6: Safia: "That means he's a criminal! Everywhere he goes, that bird is supposed to report on what he does."