Toya and Hansa are my new favourite team-up.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Tahmaseb: "I'm Tahmaseb. Most of you are students, eivver here, or at Gagarin Uni wiff me, so Hansa's coffee shop seemed like a good spot."
Panel 2: Hansa, leaning on the pastry display case: "Yeh do me a favour though and don't make a mess, alright? My boss doesn't know we're doing this."
Panel 3: Hansa: "And we can't have any of the food or coffee." She turns around sharply. Hansa: "TOYA."
Panel 4: Toya is reaching well over the counter past the cash register. She has a bagel in her mouth. Toya: "Aww."
Panel 5: Toya takes the bagel out of her mouth, but there's already a bite in it. Toya: "I can keep this bagel, right? Toya?" Toya gestures at her to hand it over. Maida: "And there's no wifi here?" Hansa: "Mmm. Not while there's a class in the lecture hall downstairs. The wifi is almost completely blocked. Customers hate it."
Panel 6: Orson has been sitting at another table in the crowd. Orson: "'Almost completely?' That's not good enough, is it?"