↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Orson: "And what about the windows? Look, people can just see us." Orson gestures at the large windows out onto a wide campus walkway with occasional pedestrians largely minding their own business.
Panel 2: Tahmaseb, sheepishly: "We're doing our best, alright?" Maida: "Finding a place that's private, without wifi, and free isn't actually very easy. This was our best option."
Panel 3: Tahmaseb: "I know we're all still pretty upset about Rivkah and Finnegan being disappeared. We 'aven't bin able to contact any of the other big names in the revolution eivver."
Panel 4: Tahmaseb: "They could be in 'iding, or they could be gone." Maida: "As far as we know, though, they've only gone after people who were around for the last Coherence Crisis."
Panel 5: Maida: "...So not students like us, or Srinivasa, who was I think in primary school back then. He's about as old as we've got left."
Panel 6: Tahmaseb: "We have to keep going, though. This is too important. Agreed?"