Toya is a lot of fun. I like her. Toya is a Maoist, which Zaynab will be the first to tell you, isn’t even a REAL religion. But that’s what she’s got written on all her paperwork.

“Slag” means “slut,” if you don’t happen to speak British. So maybe don’t call people that. TOYA.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: The girls are leaving school at the end of the day. Jewana is only present as a hologram. Maida's voice-over: "After two months with no one to talk to, it was amazing how quickly I was adopted into the Muslima."
Panel 2: Maida and Zaynab are looking at a screen as they walk. Zaynab: "You don't know any of these games?"
Panel 3: Maida: "No, no. I can't believe there's no Mega-Tetris."
Panel 4: Maida: "It's practically a national sport on Mars." Safia: "What about Apocalypse Ant? That team always needs new members."
Panel 5: Toya, a tall Mongolian girl with a Maoist cap, pushes through the crowd of other girls rudely. Toya: "Yeh cause Apocalypse Ant is bollocks, innit? Out the way, slags, real gamer coming frough."
Panel 6: Zaynab, who is outraged: "TOYA!"