I like how this character turned out. I wish he was in more of the comic, but sadly I think we only get him for a couple of scenes.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida sits at her cubicle typing.
Panel 2: A very tall Black man with scars on his face and a black and white robe comes up to her station. Boss: "Hey. New kid. Maida, isn't it? Leave that and come wit me for a minute." Maida rolls back in her chair. Maida: "Sir?"
Panel 3: Boss, looking at his tablet: "Have ya been to lyke clean room yet?" Maida: "No, sir." Boss: "Well wit Alexandra gone someone else needs to do her job. That's ya."
Panel 4: Boss: "Come on." He leads her past more rows of cubicles. Boss: "So how are ya lykin work so far, eh?"
Panel 5: Maida: "It's... good! Although to be honest I don't see why Ms. Begzadi needs shidafu just to write real estate listings."
Panel 6: Boss: "Yu're not even shidafu student yet. We haven't given ya lyke the important work."