Zaynab is basically friending Maida on the internet, or trading contact info, or whatever the 26th century equivalent is, by tapping her all-purpose interface (interface device?) against Maida’s. Maida has a friend. Hooray!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida is shocked back to reality by the bell ringing for the end of lunch. Zaynab: "Maida?"
Panel 2: The girls get up to go their separate ways. Jewana: "I've got chemistry next. Wonderful." Zaynab: "Here, give me your ID, Maida."
Panel 3: Zaynab, tapping her ID card to Maida's: "We can talk about this more later. Maybe there's a gaming club we can both join!" Maida: "Oh. Alright!"
Panel 4: Jewana: "Laters." Safia: "Nice to meet you!"
Panel 5: Maida waves good-bye, smiling.