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Who says movies will last forever? Sure, in 2022 you CAN write an opera, or an epic poem for reciting aloud around the campfire, but that doesn’t mean people DO. History gives us no promises that any medium is immortal. I’m not interested in writing the kind of science fiction story that is reverential of the present. I’d rather write the one that makes you feel unmoored from the turning of the Earth. That said, if you really want to catch a movie in Antarca, Hammurabi Street is the place to go. Just don’t expect a lot of new releases.

This entire scene is almost exclusively self-indulgent and unnecessary to the plot, but who cares. You get it anyways.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Narrator: "Hammurabi Street." An elegant street with posters and signs on every building advertising movies, including Princess Mononoke, The Iron Giant, The Godfather, and The Breakfast Club. Well-dressed people mill about on the mosaic tiled road. There are skylights but it's dark out.
Panel 2: Maida and Tahmaseb walk along the side of the road. Maida is holding a bag. Tahmaseb: "You've never seen a movie. At all." Maida: "I've seen bits of movies. Like, videos. Sound of Music started as a movie, right? I know that one."
Panel 3: Maida: "Mars has movies on our internet, I've just never..." Tahmaseb: "No, no! You've gotta see them in a featre. Wiff other people."
Panel 4: They walk towards a theatre with a placard advertising Monsoon Wedding, The Breakfast Club, The Little Mermaid, To Live, and Titanic. Maida: "Three hours though. Sitting still for that long would feel like school." Tahmaseb: "I fink you'll like it! I used to come here to see movies all the time."