That’s “farm meat” as in meat from an animal grown on a farm, whereas most people both here and on Mars who eat meat eat either the lab-cloned kind or 3D-printed meat proteins. If you were wondering, meat being from a lab doesn’t change the ethics of eating it, at least as far as most religions are concerned. There was still a real animal that had to be cloned to get that meat. Whatever criteria your religion uses to judge the ethics of eating, I figure, still applies to that ancestor animal. 3D printed protein doesn’t have any DNA and was only ever a vague approximation of an animal, so that breaks down along lines of whether not eating meat is symbolic, or whether the rule against it is tied to what happened to an animal. Which is not going to be the same for everybody.

Half-court football/soccer is much more common for most people on Earth. Mars plays “real” football, although, there’s no way it’s the same game when gravity is 1/3rd as much.