Hey! I think this may be the last time I need to draw this school uniform? I came up with the design many, many years ago, and I do like it, but I’ve drawn it SO many times. I’m looking forward to giving these kids some new clothes to wear.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Ujana: "I think, I'll sign your loan if that's what you want. But you need to decide whether to accept this offer, because only you can say if it's worth the price you've paid. I won't give you permission to skip that step."
Panel 2: With tears in her eyes, Maida opens up a holographic screen with the contract on it.
Panel 3: Maida, not looking her aunt in the eyes: "I know... I shouldn't have hit Nat. I wanted to make her pay... and she didn't even care that I hit her? I'm the only one who's still paying."
Panel 4: Maida, looking up again: "But if I become a shidafu, I can help people. Right? I think I should sign because of that."
Panel 5: She scrolls to the end of the contract.
Panel 6: She puts her ID card through the screen next to the spot for signatures. Maida: "I, Maida Kilwa, do sign and consent to this contract at 1:43 AM, January 17th, 2516."
Panel 7: Ujana takes the screen and puts her ID card through it as well.
Panel 8: They hug.