I have a Ko-Fi page! I like the way Ko-Fi operates better than Patreon, and for a while now I’ve been meaning to build a way for readers to support my comics-making habit financially. Until I can get a better sense of how many backers I can get I don’t have any current plans for exclusive content on Ko-Fi. I’d rather it be an excuse for me to fund the free stuff I’m already doing rather than dedicate a bunch of time to making stuff not everyone gets to see. But if you’re able to help give me more comics-making time in my life, it would be greatly appreciated. You can also follow me on Ko-Fi without putting any money up, which can be a great way to keep caught up with what I’m working on without having to dust off the ol’ RSS readers or find me on social media.

I’m also planning on moving my online store to Ko-Fi, since the other platforms I’ve been using have either gone out of business or should go out of business. Right now I just have ebooks for sale there, but I plan to move print books there eventually to.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida and her aunt sit facing each other at the kitchen table. Maida's speech balloon says: "The whole story, again, this time in Swahili."
Panel 2: Maida: "So I think... I think I should do it."
Panel 3: Maida's aunt rests her forehead in her hand and sighs. Maida: "Anti? Do you think... I shouldn't do it?"
Panel 4: Ujana: "I think you hit someone, Maida! And maybe we live on an upside-down planet where that can somehow get you citizenship instead of being arrested, but I thought we raised you better!"
Panel 5: Ujana: "I'm worried your Mama is going to say it was a mistake to send you with me to Earth, and I can't say if she'd be wrong!"
Panel 6: Ujana: "I think you stopped letting me parent you a while ago, and I don't think permission is what you really want from me."