The Martians needed to have a fashion sense that was completely different from any of the groups on Earth that you’ll see later. I eventually settled on something along the lines of “they forgot they didn’t have to wear spacesuits anymore, with a bit of Africa and India thrown in.”

Phobos and Deimos is a comic I’ve been planning to do for about ten years, believe it or not. I came up with the idea and then immediately did a short, 7-page comic that was, in theory, the first chapter of a longer, unwritten story. A lot can happen in ten years. In that time I finished two graphic novels, drew hundreds of pages of comics, and finally got around to writing the script for the comic you’re now reading. This scene with the attack at the train station, and a few other key moments, actually survived the rewriting process. But if you look back at the original, you can see how much they’ve changed. And also how much better an artist I am. There’s some charm to those old pages, but everything about them has improved.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida's voice-over: "Unless you count death an ally."
Panel 2: The passengers on the platform start moving away from the attack en masse.
Panel 3: The fighter jets swoop back around for another pass.
Panel 4: In the crowd of fleeing people, Maida is in danger of being separated from her family. She clings to her aunt's hand. Maida: "Mama! Aunti-ji!" Ujana: "Maida!"
Panel 5: Maida is on her own in the press of the crowd. Maida: "Ibrahim!"