Sun Zhongshan, known better in English by his Cantonese name Sun Yat-Sen, was the founder of the Republic of China, and one of the few modern political figures both Mainland China and Taiwan can agree on. There are a lot of things named after him, including (now) the town he was born in, a major street in every Taiwanese city, and a science station in Antarctica. Why not also the main university for training the Earth Republic’s ruling class?

Anyways, Maida is from Mars and probably hasn’t heard of Oxford University or Harvard, either.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Second shidafu: "Most, but lucky for ya, not all." First shidafu: "When yur file passed through our office for exclusion order, it was flagged for emergency placement hearin."
Panel 2: Third shidafu: "Based on your case 'istory, Maida, we're offering you a place at Zhongshan Daxue, starting this time next year."
Panel 3: Maida feels lost and confused. Maida: "Zhong... Shan..."
Panel 4: The head teacher pinches her nose in frustration. Head teacher: "Miss Kilwa, it's the premier university for training shidafu. They want you for the shidafu."
Panel 5: She looks at the holographic shidafu. Head teacher: "Honsetly, are you sure she's the one you want?"
Panel 6: Second shidafu, looking at a screen: "Ha, oh quite sure."
Panel 7: First shidafu: "Shurly ya've seen Maida's type before. Clever, creative, devious." Second shidafu: "She's spent her entire tyme at yur school learnin to manipulate system, and the other students, rather than how to be worker drone."