↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Head teacher: "Miss Kilwam these honoured guests are here to discuss your placement. You would do well to stop rudely interrupting them."
Panel 2: Maida turns to face the holographic shidafu, shocked.
Panel 3: Third shidafu: "Not that politeness is what got you here, is it!" Second shidafu (snidely): "For shur. Vee-ess schools lyke Sister Carter's are designed to produce a certain type of graduate."
Panel 4: Second shidafu: "If ya feel lyke all that's been expected of ya is to be finely tempered cog in the machine, lyke, yu're not wrong, eh?"
Panel 5: First shidafu: "As is only proper for good vaisya-sudras!"
Panel 6: Third shidafu: "Memorization? Data entry? Dead languages? These skills have bin extraneous for centuries!"
Panel 7: Second shidafu: "'Keep yur head down and keep busy.' That's what ya've learned." First shidafu: "These are preferred traits for most people in a stable civilization."