There’s always a catch.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida is worried and embarrassed. Maida: "I... I wasn't..." Narrator: "Devious?"
Panel 2: Second shidafu (to the head teacher): "We've skipped over O.L.P.I. four years runnin. Ya should be pleased we are lookin at two of yur charges this round."
Panel 3: Third shidafu: "Yeh, we don't often get to select fugees. Though it don't hurt to show that even they can ascend to 'eaven now and then!"
Panel 4: First shidafu, waving away other concerns: "At any rate it's been decided. Sister Carter is within her rights to exclude ya, but there will be desk waitin for ya at Zhongshan."
Panel 5: Second shidafu: "Although yur unconventional circumstance does mean that our offer comes with strings attached."
Panel 6: Maida looks in the other direction. Narrator: "Uh-oh."
Panel 7: Second shidafu: "Ya must still achieve excellent standin on set of final exams. Which means ya must find another school to attend for rest of year, in order to take those exams."