It’s one thing to be pretty sure what you’re doing might get you kicked out of school, and quite another to now know that for sure and to have to deal with the consequences.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Head teacher: "The paperwork has bin approved for your removal from O.L.P.I. at the end of this conversation." Maida looks down, sad and embarrassed.
Panel 2: Head teacher: "Violence of the kind you committed yesterday has no place at a respectable school like mine."
Panel 3: Head teacher: "What gives you the right to..."
Panel 4: The first shidafu interrupts. First shidafu: "Sister Carter, our tyme here is limited." Head teacher: "Right. Of course, sir."
Panel 5: Maida looks at him, curiously.
Panel 6: FIrst shidafu, smiling: "So. Maida Kilwa. We have reviewed yur tyme spent at O.L.P.I..."
Panel 7: Maida: "Sorry. Again. Are you... the school board? Or something? Sir?"