So that’s probably bad news. If not unexpected.

Fun fact: these three Shidafu characters are all modeled after real-life people you shouldn’t let near your education system.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: The Head Teacher gestures for Maida to come in. Head Teacher: "Come in and close the door, Miss Kilwa."
Panel 2: Maida closes the door. Caption: "Shidafu!"
Panel 3: Head Teacher: "Please sit." Maida sits down in the chair in front of the Head's desk.
Panel 4: First Shidafu: "Alright. We've been through yur records, Maida." The second shidafu closes her screen to give Maida her full attention. Second Shidafu: "Yur lyke interestin case, eh?"
Panel 5: Maida, nervously: "Is this... Um. Sssorry, am I being excluded?"
Panel 6: Head Teacher: "First of all, yes."