Now who could this be?

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: A device on the school wall: "Maida Kilwa, please report to the head teacher's office immediately."
Panel 2: Toya and Xiaoping console Maida when they hear the announcement. Toya: "Well. This is it, then! Nice knowing you, Maida."
Panel 3: Xiaoping: "Stay in touch, yeh?" Toya, cheerfully: "Feel free to wallop the old hag while you're on a roll!"
Panel 4: Maida walks towards the head teacher's door.
Panel 5: The opens the door. There are strangers inside.
Panel 6: She steps in to see the head teacher sitting at her desk, but with a new desk that wasn't there before beside her, at which sits three people-- a black man with a carefully manicured beard, flowing robes, and a water bird sitting on his shoulder; an older white woman with glasses and shapes growing from her back like minimalist angel wings who's scrolling through a screen, and an unsettlingly cheerful Asian woman with short hair surrounded by flowers. They all have a holographic glow about them. Maida: "Um..."