She means karma is the cosmic, religious sense, of course, not in the worldly cause-and-effect sense.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Ujana: "Karma is fair. Life is not. Not ever."
Panel 2: Maida: "I didn't know he'd take my tuition away for something so... stupid! People go on dates!"
Panel 3: Ujana: "You can't! You knew this was a school rule! How can I protect you if you don't tell me what you're doing!"
Panel 4: Ujana: "Do you think I want to just sit there, saying nothing, while that... horrible man harangues my only niece? Treats our family business like his own?"
Panel 5: Ujana: "I have to go to work tomorrow, and smile and be polite to him, and clean up after his kids, after what he's done to mine."
Panel 6: Ujana: "And now, you'll only be a fugee, forever. For one stupid mistake. And there's nothing I can do about it." Maida leans on her shoulder and sobs. Ujana: "Fair!"