An Earth Republic work visa is not a green card, and fugees don’t have refugee status. You can’t simply stay as long as you’re employed by someone, somewhere, and there’s no reasonable path to citizenship. When I worked in Taiwan we would solve this problem by doing a round trip to Hong Kong and back, to reenter customs and start a new visa to go with a new job, but that trick was only allowed for certain passports. My boss’ nanny was from Indonesia and would only be able to do the one trip. This was the only job she would be able to have in the country.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: A train travels into a tunnel across the Antarcan snow, with the domed city just over the crest of the hill in the distance. It's night time.
Panel 2: Maida sits with her head in her hands next to her aunt in an otherwise empty train. Maida (In Swahili): "It's not fair."
Panel 3: Ujana, turning to face her, upset: "Not fair!? He could have sacked me! I would have lost my visa! We would've been sent back to Mangala!"
Panel 4: Ujana: "Don't you understand how precarious our situation is here, Maida?"
Panel 5: Ujana: "This is not our planet! And they'll never let us forget it. For the rest of our lives."
Panel 6: Ujana, crying: "My child is dead. Your father is too. Your brother is missing."
Panel 7: Ujana, wiping tears off her face: "FAIR!"