We don’t often get to see just how short Saranjit is. Ironic that this is also her being her most intimidating so far.

Anyways, yeah, it’s all Saranjit.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida leaves the room dejectedly. No one will look at her, including her aunt, whose eyes remain focused on the floor.
Panel 2: Maida is quietly crying.
Panel 3: She notices that Saranjit is leaning against the wall just around the corner, and assumedly has been this entire time. Saranjit, casually: "Heyyy, Maida."
Panel 4: Saranjit: "So I just want you to know, this ain't noffing personal, alright?"
Panel 5: Saranjit: "Your problem is, you were trying to win a fair fight. But life ain't fair, is it! Nat was playing to destroy you."
Panel 6: Saranjit: "Nat will owe me now for the rest of her life. You would never have made a deal like this to destroy her."
Panel 7: Saranjit: "I did warn you! If you're not playing to win, stay out of the game!" Tears stream down Maida's cheeks.