↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida sits down in the seat next to her aunt. Her aunt isn't looking at her.
Panel 2 and 3: A host of holographic ancestors are present on the plinths at one end of the room, including the grandmother we saw in chapter 2, as well as four we haven't seen before, all looking very serious.
Panel 4: Mr. Morales-Parmar finishes his pacing and turns to face Maida.
Panel 5: Mr. Morales-Parmar: "Before we start, is there anything you need to tell me about?"
Panel 6: Maida, thinking to herself: "Revolution?" "Nat?" "Graffiti?" "School server?"
Panel 7: Maida: "Is this... about my grades? I made sure I'm still passing all my classes."
Panel 8: Mr. Morales-Parmar: "No, this is not about your grades. This is about your boyfriend!"
Panel 9: Maida, shocked: "T-Tahmaseb?!"