Chekhov’s Mallquis.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Narrator: "Seven months, zero weeks left." Wide shot of the Morales-Parmar residence, an expansive mansion tucked snugly beneath greenhouse-like glass.
Panel 2: A small statue of a Sikh warrior riding a horse, in front of a shield and crossed swords.
Panel 3: A gold-lines grandfather clock.
Panel 4: A framed poster for Parmar Ansible with the slogan "Call the Future."
Panel 5: Maida sits nervously by herself on the stairs outside the mallquis room. Berenger, the other servant, steps out of the room to talk to her. Berenger: "Maida, they're ready for you."
Panel 6: Berenger puts her hand on Maida's shoulder reassuringly as she walks into the room.
Panel 7: Maida's aunt and Mrs. Morales-Parmar sit in seats opposite the holographic mallquis. Mr. Morales-Parmar is pacing the middle of the room when Maida walks in. Mr. Morales-Parmar: "Sit down."