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Panel 1: Maida doesn't look at the head teacher. Head teacher: "Your moral character is as much a part of your permanent record as your grades."
Panel 2: Head teacher: "Shall we go frough the list of citations?"
Panel 3: Head teacher: "Two weeks ago you deleted Miss Fisher's textbooks. Which means you gained access to sealed parts of the school server."
Panel 4: Head teacher: "One week ago you engaged in a shouting match wiff Miss Fisher and Miss Thurga in the middle of P.E. Sister Namika was livid."
Panel 5: Maida: "Nat outed Zaynab." Head teacher: "Pardon?"
Panel 6: Maida: "She told the whole school that Zaynab is gay."
Panel 7: Head teacher: "Well! That's not against school rules, is it! Miss Zaynab is gay. It's in her file."