↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Head teacher: (looking at her screen) "Shall we talk about yesterday?"
Panel 2: Head teacher: "Yesterday, you embedded insulting, inappropriate words about free students-- Fisher, Thurga, and Kalasnikova-- in every student's 'omework files."
Panel 3: "Which means you still have access to the server, after I banned you from the games and the coding window."
Panel 4: Maida: "Nat and Thurga posted a fake ID and dating profile for me! Creepy adults keep sending me messages!"
Panel 5: The head teacher waves her screen away. Head teacher: "I will deal wiff Miss FIsher in due time. We are here to discuss your actions, Kilwa, not those of your classmates."
Panel 6: Maida sits back, exuding calm. Maida: "Alright. What are the consequences?"
Panel 7: Head teacher: "Pardon me?"