↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Rivkah: "Tingiz, from shidafu point of view, each Coherence Crysis is meant to release that energy, but change little. They'll claim an incremental improvement, lyke say, more F-class children promoted to shidafu trainin. But the whole structure stays much the same. They've taken the natural ebb and flow of history and tamed it lyke a lion in a cage. A Crysis is a delicate ting, though, mathematically speakin. They incur a massive risk each time that sometin will go wrong. More massive than they'll totally admit." Another collage shows the wave forms intersecting at the crisis point, which also becomes the meeting point between a phalanx of riot cops with shields and a large group of protesters. Further away from the meeting point the protesters transform first into rioters armed with makeshift weapons, then into fire, then into a field of skeletons. Off to one side, the leader of the Earth Republic sits at a desk giving a calm speech to an audience of applauding shidafu and amelu. He's flanked by soldiers in black and white uniforms with a black and white flag behind him.
Panel 2: Rivkah: "We've had two decades to make plans of our own."
Panel 3: Rivkah: "And we're askin for yur help to let the lion out, to help tip the scales in favour of democracy, and an end to oligarchy and the class system."
Panel 4: Back in the real world, Rivkah sits alone in a booth in the buxiban. Rivkah: "If ya agree, leave yur contact into in yur booth, and our tech, Srinivasa, will let ya know lyke when and where to meet next time."