What if everything that happened could be described as overlapping wave functions?

You may notice, I’ve decided to change the accent that the shidafu characters have. I haven’t yet gone back into the archives to change the old pages and keep everything consistent, but I will when I get some time.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: The fox and rooster hold hands.
Panel 2: They look into each other's eyes.
Panel 3: Cartoon Rivkah has a megaphone. Rivkah: "None of us can know for shur when the next Coherence Crysis will drop. Although it's been twenty year so it can't lyke be far off."
Panel 4: Rivkah: "Full data so secret that even most of shidafu can only guess at the timin. And I should know, since I was a shidafu before writin that book."
Panel 5: Rivkah: "This is how it goes. Between Cryses, society seems to stand still. Nothin looks lyke it's changin. But tension grows. Energy builds up. And you'd best believe some of us have been addin to that tension as much as we can." There is a collage of images to illustrate her speech. We see three tiers of Antarcans arranged by class, standing in the pose of a Babylonian relief, with shidafu and amelu on the top, vaisyas and sudras in the middle, and F-classes on the bottom as if they live in a perfectly organized society. Various mathematical descriptions of society, such as "economic uncertainty" and "environmental psychology index" are graphed out as wave functions, each with its own chaotic pattern, but leading in the end to a point where they all intersect.