Yes, that’s a monument to Blubbo in the town square, from the meme comic at the last chapter break.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Zaynab's avatar appears. She's a cat-girl in a pink dress with a big daisy framing her face. Rooster: "Zaynab?" Daisy: "Call me Daisy! We should use nicknames, for safety, don't you fink so?"
Panel 2: They are joined by a white cat who is Annette and a tall goose with an umbrella who is Toya. In the background more avatars gather in a cartoonish town square. Goose: "They use Kukuku?!" Rooster: "Yeh. Turns out it's the preferred game platform of the revolution."
Panel 3: An avatar of Rivkah stands at the centre of the crowd, next to a cartoon guy with a beard and a flower hat and a statue that says "RIP Blubbo." The city hall has a rooster figurehead above the door. Rivkah: "Alright everyone! Let's begin."
Panel 4: Tahmaseb's cartoon fox appears next to Maida. Fox: "Heya." Rooster: "Tahm!"
Panel 5: Fox: "Can you feel the excitement? Fings are finally going to start 'appening."
Panel 6: Fox: "Rivkah introduced me to some of the key players earlier. Real old-timers who were around for the last Co'erence Crisis!"
Panel 7: Fox: "Fings are gonna get real and I'm so chuffed that I... that we get to be a part of it!"