↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida: "Don't worry, though. I built a bot to do most of the work."
Panel 2: Nat, with her hands on her hips: "So what are you gonna do, tattle on me to Miss Carter?"
Panel 3: Nat: "What are my stats at this year, Thurga?" Thurga checks her holographic screen. Thurga: "You're at zero." Nat: "And last year?"
Panel 4: Thurga, sighing: "Six citations, two temporary exclusions, seven public telling offs at assembly, and eighteen detentions."
Panel 5: Nat leans in a little too close to Maida. Nat: "Go an' tell 'er. I'm due. I've got a reputation to consider."
Panel 6: Nat and her friends get up from the staircase they've been occupying and push their way past the other girls on their way out into the corridor.
Panel 7: Toya, resting her arms on Maida's shoulder: "Round one goes to team Fisher." Maida: "Just round one."