What would advertising be like in this world? They do have ads. It’s a less capitalist society than ours (I don’t know how it could be more), but it’s hardly un-capitalist. But I assume there are plenty of religious organizations eager to advertise as well, though, so that’s what this billboard happens to be.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: A giant billboard with a holographic glow sits attached to a building on a quiet city street next to a construction site and a bike parking area. The billboard says "He is risen. Matthew 28:6" and has a picture of an empty tomb with crosses in the distance.
Panel 2: Maida and Tahmaseb sit perched behind the billboard, about a block above street level, each looking at a different screen while they talk. Tahmaseb: "You're not on any gaming teams this year?" Maida: "Naw, I can't be bothered."
Panel 3: Maida: "Why should I stress about Apocalypse Ant when there are real wars going on?" Tahmaseb: "Uhm, for fun, obviously. I fought you liked Apocalypse Ant?"
Panel 4: Maida, rolling her eyes: "Well, I tried playing it with Toya, but she just gets massively competitive. She is an angry gamer stereotype."
Panel 5: Maida, smiling down at her screen: "I like my new game much better." Tahmaseb: "What is ol' Nat up to these days?"