↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Nat, Thurga, and Priya break out into raucous laughter as Maida holds the screen up for them. Nat (as Maida): "On Mars this shoe would feed a family of four! Jolly ho! If only you could locate a family with so many chaps in!"
Panel 2: Nat, leaning in: "You don't mind being famous, do you Maida Martian?" Priya, looking it up on her holographic screen: "Right now it's at 38 likes and 17 shares."
Panel 3: Priya: "Ooh! Someone shared it at Arthur Weiss' channel! Nice! Oh wait, that was me."
Panel 4: Maida, shaking her head: "People will watch anything these days." Annette: "You fink so? Should we test that?"
Panel 5: Maida scrolls through files on her screen. Maida: "Nat, your videos impressed me so much, I decided to make my own."
Panel 6: Maida: "That is you, innit? But what's that in your coat?" The screen shows Nat, Thurga, and Priya skulking about after school. Nat has something in her coat and Priya has something under her arm.
Panel 7: Toya gasps in mock surprise. Toya: "That looks like a beer! And she's drinking it! But that's against her school contract!"
Panel 8: The screen clearly shows Nat sipping her beer. Maida: "I gave you an invisible friend so I can track you on the map. Then all I have to do is find photos from everywhere you've been, and pick the good ones."