What does Nat sound like doing a “Martian” accent? I mean, apart from that she’s probably not doing a very accurate rendition. I’ve been using Oxford English as my mental equivalent to Maida’s version of Yingish, and Estuary English as the accent of most Earthers, so imagine an East Londoner doing her best to make a posh accent sound derogatory.

Really, though, they’re all speaking some 500-years distant language that doesn’t currently exist. It’s only vaguely in the *direction* of Estuary English, let’s say.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Nat, looking cross: "What!"
Panel 2: Maida: "Screen?" Toya hands her a digital screen. Toya: "Screen."
Panel 3: Nat: "No outside communication during class hours." Priya: "Yeh no outside communication, slags."
Panel 4: Toya, probably rolling her eyes behind her sunglasses: "Classes 'aven't started yet, monon."
Panel 5: Maida holds up the device to show Nat. It has a video on it. Maida: "Care to explain this, Nat?"
Panel 6: The video is of Maida and Zaynab eating lunch in the lunch hall. Maida is about to eat a dumpling. Nat (in Maida's voice): "On Mars we call this doodlewallop, and we cook it with an open flame, streuth! What a planet!"
Panel 7: Another video, this time of Maida drinking from a school water fountain. Nat (in Maida's voice): "On Mars this would be a public toilet, free of charge! Pants off, girls, and have at it! Blimey! Pip pip! What a planet!"