Back to school.

Year 11 is the final year of secondary school in Antarca. Why? I guess I thought it suited my themes to send these kids off to post-secondary when they’re even less ready for the wider world than what you’re used to.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida faces towards the school building as students start to gather in the schoolyard. Narrator: "One more year. One more year and that's it."
Panel 2: Narrator: "I survived the fugee camp without any friends at all. Here, at least, I can find new friends."
Panel 3: Maida adjusts her hijab and adopts an intense look. Narrator: "You can do this, Maida."
Panel 4: Maida walks through the school hallways alone as the people around her get reacquainted with each other. Narrator: "Do what you need to to get by, get your placement at some F-class school for wash-ups, and you're done with secondary school forever."
Panel 5: Maida sits in a crowded classroom, intent on what she's writing. In the background, Zaynab notices her from a distance.
Panel 6: Maida puts things in her locker, still not interacting with anyone.