↓ Transcript
Panel 1: The sun is low in the sky outside Maida's block of flats. Not that you can see the sun through the few windows between buildings on her street.
Panel 2: In her room alone, Maida kneels on her prayer rug laid out beside her bed and prays.
Panel 3: Narrator: "God, I don't even know if I should be praying that a boy likes me."
Panel 4: Narrator: "I should be praying for my brother. Or my mum. Or my dad. Or literally anything else."
Panel 5: Narrator: "I wish I wasn't so bad at this. I wish I had anyone, besides you, to talk to about this stuff. Sorry. You know what I mean. I wish I wasn't too afraid of running into Zaynab to still go to masjid."
Panel 6: Finished praying, Maida leans against her bed. Narrator: "I wish my life wasn't such a mess. Ugh."