I’m really looking forward to getting to draw more of Toya and her friends.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: In the dining hall, Zaynab looks over her shoulder to see Maida carrying a tray, headed in a different direction.
Panel 2: Maida stops to talk to a girl in a Daoist hat, while Zaynab looks down, dejectedly.
Panel 3: Zaynab, sitting next to Safia and Jewana, looks in Maida's direction. Zaynab: "Sigh."
Panel 4: Maida sits with Toya, who has just taken off her hat, Anette, a chubby white girl in a bonnet, and Xiaoping, the aforementioned dark-skinned girl in the Daoist hat. Toya: "No, look, I bought a lawyerbot and she went frough the school contract back to front. They can't exclude you for dress code violations."
Panel 5: Toya: "The citations just build up in your file. But as long as I ain't defiant or noffing, all I get is citations." Xiaoping, smiling: "You tosser." Maida: "Brilliant!"
Panel 6: Over the speaker: "Toya Uranchimeg, please report to the head teacher's office immediately."