Oh, Orson.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Orson rubs his eyes. Orson: "Hold up, hold up."
Panel 2: Orson: "These chickens and cats and whatnot are messing wiff my brain. Can we please just be ourselves right now?"
Panel 3: Tahmaseb turns from a cartoon fox into a regular Iranian boy. Tahmaseb: "Ugh! Mate! You're so boring sometimes. You're like the opposite of a good time."
Panel 4: Maida turns back into herself as well, as she ties on her hijab. Orson: "Some of us just take this seriously, innit!"
Panel 5: Srinivasa turns from a cartoon in a top hat into a man with a fedora and a brightly coloured robe. Orson: "Oi. Maida. Why do you do that?"
Panel 6: Maida, adjusting her hijab: "Huh? Do what?"