↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Rooster: "This is Kukuku. It's a horribly broken game that nobody plays. It's got memory problems, which is perfect for us." Orson: "A second'ry school server don't seem very secure." A flock of cute cats flies past in the distance.
Panel 2: Srinivasa (the floating head): "Yeh. That's my fault. I'm halfway round the world wit few options for sharin important info."
Panel 3: Rooster, waving her wings around: "Hey, this is as secure as it gets! Even if anyone bothers to look here, I've got the school server wrapped around my little finger. Feather."
Panel 4: Srinivasa, smiling: "The whole school server? Do you have access to grades? You could give yourself all A's."
Panel 5: Rooster, conspiratorially: "Psh. I could if I still cared about my grades."
Panel 6: Srinivasa: "Ha-ha! Clever girl. Very good."
Panel 7: Fox: "Alright Srinivasa, what have you got for us?" A file icon appears in the air. Srinivasa: "Video from my school in Chittagong. Share this wit your mates at the Club a the Suns." Orson puts his head in his hands.