Tell it to Youtube, Orson.

His analogy to Tahmaseb’s situation is a poor one, but not quite as poor as it would be in the 21st century, since in Maida’s time it’s actually more common for Muslim men, especially if they’re vee-esses, to wear something on their heads than it is today. The intersection of religion, culture, class, and fashion is a complicated one. Orson is not a fan of complication.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Orson: "Dress like a hijabi. You're not at school right now. You're not a vee-ess. You're F-class, like me, and that's all they'll ever let you be."
Panel 2: Orson: "Why even bother to dress religiously?" Maida: "I'm... a Muslim, though. You know that, right?"
Panel 3: Orson, pointing at Tahmaseb: "So's Tahm, and you'd never catch him in a taqiyah."
Panel 4: Tahmaseb shows off the messy hair he is very proud of. Tahmaseb: "Oi, maybe I just fink everybody deserves to look at this!"
Panel 5: Srinivasa: "Perhaps Maida is genuinely religious." Orson: "She's a Martian. And now she's a revolutionary."
Panel 6: Maida has an increasingly upset expression. Orson: "Her 'ole planet was overffrown by Buddhist fanatics, fer Christ's sake!"
Panel 7: Orson: "What has religion done for anyone? Ever? It's 2515 and people still believe in fairy magic."