I’ve been looking forward to drawing this location since the beginning. When I showed the script for Phobos and Deimos to my volunteer editors, one of them dubbed this video game “Wokemon,” and although that’s not what it’s called in-story, that’s what I call it.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Ujana starts to leave Maida's bedroom. Ujana: "Don't let Earth's gravity trap you, Maida-Girl." Maida, sticking her thumb up but not leaving her screen: "Affirmative."
Panel 2: The door clicks closed and Maida looks away from her screen.
Panel 3: She sits up, the screen evaporates, and she puts her sunglasses on. Maida: "Alright. I'm back."
Panel 4: A bright, colourful video game world with cube-shaped trees and a carnival in the background. A cartoon rooster, a cartoon fox, a floating head with a top hat and eighteenth century wig, all commune with Orson Kim, who looks exactly like his regular self. Orson: "Okay this location is officially messing wiff my head."
Panel 5: Fox (to the Rooster): "Maida, you said this game is on your school server, yeh?"