↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida's block of flats with more blocks in the distance.
Panel 2: Ujana knocks on Maida's bedroom door.
Panel 3: Ujana walks in. Maida is laying on the bed, staring at a holographic screen that's beeping. Ujana (in Swahili): "Maida? Are you alright?"
Panel 4: Ujana sits next to her on the bed. Maida doesn't move. Maida: "Huh?" Ujana: "You've barely left the flat in days! I know it's summer break, but... It hardly seems healthy to be shut away from the world like this."
Panel 5: Maida rolls her eyes. Maida: "I'm not shut away. I have my gaming friends."
Panel 6: Maida engrosses herself deeper into the screen. Maida: "Everything I need is right here."
Panel 7: Ujana: "Sigh. Alright. I tried. I have to go to work now. You need to get some exercise today, though."