↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida, embarrassed: "What? N-no."
Panel 2: Orson steeples his fingers intensely and Hansa half-hides a smile. Orson: "Whoah."
Panel 3: Maida: "Look, it's just a poem, alright? It doesn't mean anything."
Panel 4: Tahmaseb stands front and centre on the stage. Miss Odomo: "Tahmaseb is a memographer." Tahmaseb: "Yeh. Found image memes are as old as the first internet. But I'm bringing the art form back."
Panel 5: Hansa shrugs dramatically. Hansa: "I guess we'll never figure out who dada fancies, innit!"
Panel 6: Tahmaseb: "Of course I can't just put my work on the internet, or there'd be consequences." There is laughter off camera.