So it turns out I haven’t been very consistent with the written form of Yingish in this comic. Last week I spent some time going back and editing all the text we can see so far to make it follow a single set of rules. Not that spelling those rules out in appendixes or wikis is anything anyone wants, but, I’m at least enough of a linguistics nerd to want those rules to be discoverable upon investigation.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Tahmaseb snaps his fingers and an image appears behind him on the wall-- an old Muslim man in a ratty coat with the caption "rich," next to a sparkly, jewellery-laden woman with the caption "poor." Tahmaseb: "I've bin projecting them as 'olograms in public places just long enough to be recorded in the digital version of the city."
Panel 2: He snaps his fingers and the image changes to a sad girl with a black and white bird on her shoulder next to a vulture perched on a carcass, with the captions "civilisation" and "justice 4 all." Tahmaseb: "So you can see them wiff your glasses on, but they should be untraceable."
Panel 3: Tahmaseb: "I want to wake people up from their stupor. Too many people won't even acknowledge that the Founders' dream has become a nightmare."
Panel 4: Maida pouts as she, Orson, and Hansa watch the stage. Caption: "I wasn't in love with anyone. I was telling the truth about that."
Panel 5: They watch as Tahmaseb continues going through his slides. Caption: "But I was open to the possibility. If the right person came along."