↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Miss Odomo sits on a stool to the side of the stage where Maida is standing. Miss Odomo: "Alright. Tank-you, Maida."
Panel 2: Miss Odomo: "Next we have another up-and-comin young artist-- Tahmaseb Begzada."
Panel 3: Maida walks off the stage towards the audience as Tahmaseb walks on. Tahmaseb: "Hey! You did it!" Maida: "Good luck!"
Panel 4: Maida sits down at a table with Orson and Hansa. Maida: "Phew!" Orson: "That was pretty good." Maida: "I was super nervous."
Panel 5: Hansa: "So... dada... Tell us... That poem... Is there something you haven't told us? Is it about someone?"