↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Zaynab is standing in the doorway, looking spooked. Maida: "Zaynab!!"
Panel 2: Maida rushes over to where she's standing. Maida: "Where is everybody? What's going on?!"
Panel 3: Maida puts her hands on Zaynab's shoulders but she keeps her arms crossed and her gaze down. Zaynab: "I'm s-sorry, Maida. They made me swear not to tell." Maida: "Tell what?"
Panel 4: Zaynab, crying: "Nobody's coming. Nat is 'aving a "end of the year" party right now and she invited everyone you invited."
Panel 5: Zaynab: "Then she and Thurga made everyone sign contracts that said we wouldn't tell you." Maida: "W-what?"
Panel 6: Maida has to sit down to take it in. Maida: "They're not coming?" Zaynab: "I fought somebody would come!"
Panel 7: Zaynab: "Half those girls can't stand Nat and Thurga. Plus she's got drinking and drugs at her party. I was there for ten minutes and it was awful."